Top Trending Tommy Hilfiger Watches For Women

Preppy. Cool. Effortless. These are the words that come to mind when one hears the name Tommy Hilfiger. With its signature navy blue, red, and white shades, Tommy Hilfiger’s branding as fashion fit for the “all-American girl” hits the nail right on the head. And with its nautical-themed designs that continue to hold the fashion world’s attention year after year, it’s not surprising to know that women all over the world are in love with anything “Tommy.”

Here’s our guide to all the Tommy watches trending right now to help you make your decision!

1. Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

The love for florals and rose gold is for real, ladies. Suit yourself with a floral analog watch.

2. Blue Dial Analog Watch

Simple and elegant. If those are the words that describe your style, here’s a watch that was made just for you. 

3. Three-Panel Blue Strap Watch

When it comes to making watches that are comfortable to wear and look like a million bucks, Tommy Hilfiger does the job perfectly.

4. Analog Rose Gold Watch

Here’s a piece that you can wear to glitzy occasions (a dinner party or a wedding, maybe?) without looking over the top.

5. Silver Dial Women’s Watch

With the advent of rose gold on the fashion scene in the past couple of years, it’s no surprise that Tommy Hilfiger jumped onto this bandwagon. 

6. Black Analog Watch With White Stones

A classic black watch is an essential in everyone’s wardrobe. If you are on the hunt for one, here’s a piece you cannot say ‘no’ to. 

7. Stainless Steel Sports Watch

Make a bold statement with this stainless steel Tommy Hilfiger watch that is made for the powerful woman. 

8. Pink Strap And Dial

Pamper yourself with this fancy Tommy Hilfiger watch to satisfy your girly side. 

9. Full Steel Analog Watch

With a full-blown steel body and dial, this Tommy timepiece is perfect for someone who leans more towards androgynous styles. 

10. Square Dial Analog Watch

f you are the kind of person who can never decide between girly and sporty watches, this piece will work perfectly for you. 

Those were our top picks from the latest Tommy Hilfiger watches for women. 

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